Twins is a new series of
architecture talks -
exploring difficult alliances,
strange bedfellows and
new relationships.


So What?

Each discussion will ‘twin’ very different people, organisations and ideas, asking them to explore difference as well as cultivate common ground. Twins aims to tackle received wisdoms, reach beyond entrenched positions and discover fertile new ground between.

Twinning can be read on a number of levels: it suggests not only biological twins but the forming of links between things. The practice of twinning towns is based on an alliance of interests and the identification of similarities. Sometimes forced or unlikely, these acts of reaching-out are perhaps more important than ever in our current political uncertainty. Our interest is in counteracting isolationism, in opening up new conversations and in the cross-fertilisation of people, ideas and places.

Twins is curated by Robert Mull and Charles Holland, new Professors at the University of Brighton and will be compered by Gemma Barton.

The Talks