Twins Talk events

Dead Centre


Is London still the cultural centre of architecture? Have escalating property prices rendered it obsolete as a place where creatively interesting things can happen? Dead Centre asks: Is London’s financialisation killing its culture?

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Rural Futurism


Is it possible to be both modern and rural? Or is modernism an urban condition? What histories of radical modernism exist outside urban centres and what sort of futures do they suggest? Is the city the centre of rationalism and the countryside a place of superstitions and arcane beliefs? Is the rural always a backwater and the city always the centre?

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Lost and Found


Are centralised models of education and governance obsolete? Are we all migrants now escaping the cost of conventional models by being global, mobile and cooperative? Lost and Found looks at concepts of freedom and the future of education.

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Marginal Activity


Where is the centre of architecture? Where does architectural culture evolve? Does it have a geographic base? What is marginal activity and what are marginal places? In a digitally democratised world is the idea of physical proximity and cultural hegemony relevant?

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Edge of Empire


What has the current refugee crises taught us? Where are the edges of our world? What is inside and what is outside? Who is trapped and who is free? Does the volunteering culture help shape the future of practice?

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So What


An open mike session just before Easter. A right to reply to those who have been inspired, aggravated or think they know better.

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